Jewelry FAQs

Is 14k gold-filled good quality?

14k gold-filled is absolutely your best option after solid gold in terms of quality and durability. 14k gf won’t flake off or turn your skin green, and it’s a great option for people with sensitive skin. We only use the best USA made gold-filled components and stand behind our product’s quality. Gold-filled jewelry can stay beautiful for a lifetime, especially with a little care.


What's the difference between gold-filled and gold plated?

There’s a lot less gold in gold-plated jewelry compared to gold-filled jewelry, meaning gold-filled jewelry is higher quality. The gold in gold-filled pieces is also pressure-bonded to the brass core to be way more durable! The standards for 14k gold-fill are also strictly regulated, while the standards for "gold plated" encompass a broad range of thicknesses, so you can't be sure how much gold is in the plated layer.


Is gold-filled jewelry durable? How long does it last?

After solid options, gold-filled jewelry is certainly your best quality for gold pieces. In theory, gold fill items can last a lifetime! Get this: some gold-fill jewelry still exists from the Victorian era (over 100 years old!). In practice, actual longevity will depend on how you care for it and a variety of other factors.


Is gold-filled jewelry okay for people with sensitive skin?

Yes! 99.9% of people find they have no sensitivity to gold-filled jewelry. Because the outside of the piece is solid 14k gold, it interacts with your skin in the same way solid 14k gold would. If you don’t have any sensitivities to solid gold, gold-filled jewelry is A-OK.


Does gold-filled tarnish?

14k gf jewelry should not tarnish for a long time—decades if treated properly. It's possible for gold fill to tarnish under certain conditions or when interacting with certain chemicals (like chlorine, for example), but it should not tarnish easily. To learn how to prevent tarnish, read down below.



Caring for 14K gold-filled jewelry

Do I have to take gold-filled jewelry off to shower?

Not if you use mild soaps—they can actually help passively clean your gold-filled jewelry while you shower. All caps necessary for this one: MAKE SURE your shampoos and soaps are gentle, as certain chemicals can negatively impact the look of the gold. If you're not sure, just be safe and remove your jewelry before showering. I personally shower with my jewelry on all the time, but I use Dove soap and natural shampoo (for a happy ocean and happy jewelry).

Can I sleep in my gold-filled jewelry?

Yes, but it won't last as long. Sleeping in your gold-filled jewelry won’t damage the surfaces of your pieces, but you could easily snag your delicate pieces (like dainty chains or bracelets) on your sheets or PJs. If you can remember to take your pieces off before bed, they'll thank you by staying bright longer! You could even quickly wipe down your jewelry before sleep—add this to your nighttime routine—to remove oils from the surface of the metal.

How do I take care of gold-filled jewelry?

The best care you can give your pieces is this: gently clean with water and mild soap, dry with a soft cloth (eyeglass chamois work great!) and only polish them when they really need it. If your pieces come into contact with lotions, sunscreen or perfumes, rinse off your jewelry immediately—especially important for gold-filled chains with tiny nooks and crannies. The care card we include with each order details all these tips, but you can find even more info in this post.